Preface Dr. António Figueiredo


A Rodrigues Figueiredo, MD

When I assumed the position of Glaucoma Group coordinator in the current Portuguese Ophthalmological Society (SPO) Board, I wondered whether it would be useful to maintain the Glaucoma Frequently Asked Questions section.  The issue was to decide whether it would be reasonable to maintain the investment, given the demand and recent little update.
I have therefore asked for usage data. To my surprise, I must confess, the number of users has steadily increased since 2015, currently exceeding 140,000. The number of views exceeds 200,000. However, the average time of view stays at a low 1 minute. A first analysis allow us to conclude that the page title is very effective – – but that many contents need to be updated. Although most visits (61%) come from Brazil, I believe it is advisable to provide an English translation of the texts. Moreover, it can be confirmed that “no one is a prophet in his own land”, since only 16% of the views come from Portugal.
In order to help revitalize the platform, I have asked the very competent and vigorous initial project leaders - Dr. Manuela Carvalho and Dr. Maria da Luz Freitas - to occupy the position of editors-in-chief.
I ask everybody to make an additional effort to update and improve this project, And I hope Glaucoma Frequently Asked Questions is increasingly used as a working and updating tool.
António Figueiredo