Editorial Note

The Portuguese Glaucoma Group is a section of the Portuguese Ophthalmological Society where glaucoma ophthalmologists can discuss several subjects and remain updated, and also network with other stakeholders. 
In late 2011, the pharmaceutical company Théa Portugal challenged the Portuguese Glaucoma Group (GPG) to produce a book on glaucoma. One of the underlying ideas was to reach a wider target population – rather than merely targeting specialists, the book was intended to reach the whole ophthalmological community. The topics and methodological orientation would be entirely up to the Portuguese Glaucoma Group of the Portuguese Ophthalmological Society. 
In the view of Dr. Manuela Carvalho, then Coordinator of the GPG, a practical, user-friendly Q&A handbook would fill a gap and respond to the challenge. The book was entitled "Glaucoma: perguntas frequentes" [Glaucoma: Frequently Asked Questions] and issued in December 2012. 
Being well received, a new challenge was posed by several colleagues and the same pharmaceutical company to the new GPG Coordinator, Dr. Maria da Luz Freitas: to take the book online.  The challenge was accepted: an online book would promote a dynamic process with ongoing topic updates and new questions and answers. And so arrived the 2nd edition of "Glaucoma: perguntas frequentes" [Glaucoma: Frequently Asked Questions] in December 2013. The Portuguese Glaucoma Group of the Portuguese Ophthalmology Society booked www.glaucoma-answers.org for 5 years and set that the project coordinator in office would be in charge of project coordination. 
As in the first edition, the challenge was issued to Portuguese ophthalmologists who are particularly specialized in glaucoma. However, in this second edition, Portuguese ophthalmologists from other subspecialties, non-Portuguese ophthalmologists, and glaucoma specialists who interact or have in some way interacted with GPG, were also invited to share their knowledge and views. Sometimes, the original Q&A format was overruled for the sake of accuracy and up-to-dateness. Rather than creating standards, we often intended to unveil complex issues and to serve as a platform for personal opinions. Since the 2nd edition, new texts have been translated into English so they could be shared with ophthalmologists worldwide.
The 4th edition has been under the responsibility and supervision of Dr. António Figueiredo, who created two new sections: one providing reliable information on glaucoma for the general public, and another consisting in an open discussion forum on glaucoma-related issues.
New texts also have more flexible formats and themes. As always, the commitment to quality and internationalization is paramount. 
Maria da Luz Freitas, MD FEBOS Glaucoma
Manuela Carvalho, MD 
March 2017